Making Your Home Special

Making Your Home Special

Advice For Selling A Guitar Online

by Gaspard Gaillard

If you're a guitar player who is always looking to buy new instruments, one way that you might be able to do so is by selling some of your current selection. While it might be difficult to sell music equipment such as a guitar that you've played for years, selling it online can help you to raise the necessary funds to purchase another instrument. There are many avenues for selling your instrument online, and to generate the most interest, it's important that you craft your listing correctly. Prospective buyers are quick to ignore online listings that leave questions to be answered, so taking this approach can get people wanting to buy your guitar.

Provide The Necessary Data

The more information you include about the specific make and model of guitar, the more people will view your online listing as authoritative. Don't just say something such as "Black electric guitar" when it comes to describing your instrument. Instead, give the make and specific model; many guitar manufacturers have a series of models with sub-models, so make sure to include that information, too. Give the color as defined by the manufacturer, rather than how you'd describe it. It's also worthwhile to include where the guitar was built, which is often marked on the headstock, as well as the serial number. Prospective buyers can search for the latter in online databases to learn more about the instrument.

Use Photos To Depict Any Damage

If you've played your guitar a lot, it's reasonable to expect that there might be some signs of wear. Guitar players generally don't mind buying used instruments with wear — but they do want to know all about it. Instead of generalizing by saying there are a few scratches on the instrument, specifically photograph them and include them in your listing. Don't try to grade your instrument with a term such as "mint" or "excellent." Instead, let the images tell the story.

Discuss If You're Willing To Trade

Many guitar sellers are always looking to add new instruments or guitar-related accessories to their collections, and including a mention of whether or not you're willing to accept a trade for your instrument can attract more buyers. For example, if you have a specific guitar in mind, you might say that you're selling yours for $1,500 but that you'd sell it for $350 if the buyer could trade you a specific model at the same time.


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