Making Your Home Special

Making Your Home Special

4 Ways That A Digital Display Can Be Used In Your Medical Practice

by Gaspard Gaillard

If you want to communicate better with your patients, a great way to do so is through a digital display in your waiting room of your practice. Here are four ways that a digital display can enhance your patient experience:

#1 Health News

A digital display is a great way to share health news with your patients. You can break down and share important health information in small chunks of information that can be easily digestible for your patients. This is a great way to help educate your patients about how they can take better care of their health and make them more aware of health risk care factors. 

For example, you can share the warning signs of a heart attack or information about the health benefits of specific fruits and vegetables or information about how to stay safe in the summertime. This is a great way to share information. 

#2 Clinic-Related Information

Next, you can share clinic-related information with your patients. For example, you can share information about your operating hours or any special events that your clinic is holding.

As another example, if your practice is doing a flu vaccination clinic or if you were putting on a learning session about how to maintain your balance as age. Both of those things are information that you would want to share on your digital message board. 

#3 Awards & Achievements

People like to know that their doctors and medical staff that are taking care of them are qualified professionals. You can also use your digital message board to share information about the educational achievements, awards, and success that the individual health care professionals at your practice have achieved as well as awards your practice has achieved.

For example, if you were voted best general practice facility in your town by a particular magazine or newspaper, this is information you would want to share. Or if on a member of your staff just completed some specialized training, this would be great content for your message board. Additionally, general information about your background and training, like you might share on your website, is appropriate for your office's digital message board. 

#4 Facility Information

If your practice is located in a hospital or health care clinic that you share with other medical professionals, your digital message board can share information about the facility in general. For example, it could display a map of the facility or a listed of the office suites of all the other doctors in the building. It can serve as a more general information hub for the location where you are based. 

Custom digital displays are a great way to convey information because you can easily change and update the information when necessary and communicate effectively with your patients. It's also a form of entertainment in your waiting room. If it is the only display in your waiting room, it is highly likely that your patients will read and take in the information. 


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