Making Your Home Special

Making Your Home Special

Bringing In Tech-Based Crafting For A New Generation

by Gaspard Gaillard

The world of hobbies and crafting have changed in some ways, but many constants remain. Although heavy consumer spending and a push for disposable, then recyclable goods has increased, a bigger world of tech tinkering has opened up. From 3D printing being involved with every industry to the world of custom computers and gaming computer parts, there are multiple big businesses, hobby, and sole proprietor customers that need your electronics in their area. Here are a few ways to deliver high-demand electronics, parts, and accessories while stirring up tech passion:

Avoid Sales And Shipping Gimmicks

Many hobby businesses have fallen out of favor because of the power of the internet. It's simply easier to buy a lot of things online, and shipping isn't always a problem. 

One dangerous thought to avoid is the "same day" trap. Not all areas are serviced by big, online retailers like Amazon or auction sites (which are becoming more populated by retailers) such as eBay, so some may think that offering the opportunity to buy emergency parts on the same day is a benefit.

It's a benefit, but it's not a business model. With same day shopping as your justification, you're relying on emergencies or convenience while grossly underestimating how many people might wait a few days if they can save a few dollars. That sucks you into the challenge of lower prices and best deals, which can be an ego-driven and destructive challenge if you haven't already run a successful business.

Give A Reason To Walk In And Stay A While

Instead of working on such a focused chance, cultivate hobbies that already draw big spending and give people a reason to show up in person. Many electronics have to be fitted for proper use or may fail right out of the box. Custom computer building, model building, and 3D printing are 3 industries where sizing up and returning merchandise can create business for you.

Establish a policy for returns, and make sure that all sales and refunds are cycled within the store. You want to give hobbyists a chance to make sure that their video card fits their case, or that their 3D printing spool is the right size for their loader, but you don't want to promote showrooming.

Showrooming is the term for checking out merchandise in person at a brick and mortar store, then buying the item online--often at another store. This was a silent killer for many big retailers that have since regained their purpose but destroyed many other smaller businesses.

Instead of allowing shoppers to open up devices and try them for a proper fit without charge, give them a workshop. Allow hobbyists to work in a clean environment to open up their devices and work with subject-matter experts to figure out what they actually need.

"You try it, you buy it" should be the motto, but with a few flexible caveats. Consider giving in-store credit for similar items if the product doesn't fit, and follow standard malfunction/broken item refund procedures. There are many things to worry about in terms of fraud, but nothing new is introduced with this business model.

A workshop with optional community interaction and optional privacy can get people interested in the way things work and can give them a place to work on their hobby away from home. Contact an electronics wholesaler to discuss the components, tools, accessories, and pre-built devices to bring success to your business and a tech community powerhouse to your area.


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