Making Your Home Special

Making Your Home Special

Understanding LED Lighting

by Gaspard Gaillard

LED lighting refers to light emitting diodes and is a very popular option these days. Everyone wants to move their old incandescent lighting to LED lighting as it is a much brighter light and LED bulbs can last much longer than older bulbs, which may save you money in the long run. LED bulbs do cost a bit more, and you may not be able to use them in your traditional light fixtures. There are a number of things you should know before switching all of your old bulbs to LED bulbs. See below for information about LED lighting.


As stated above, LED lights can last much longer than a traditional light bulb. They use less energy as well, so this makes them more energy efficient. You may even notice a small difference in your monthly energy bill. The cost to purchase an LED light bulb compared to a traditional incandescent bulb may be a big difference though. If you are fine with the initial cost to change all of your bulbs, you could end up saving money in the long run.

Light Fixtures Matter

Your traditional light fixtures may not support LED bulbs, so be sure to check this before attempting to swap out bulbs in all of your fixtures. Also, LED lights may not be able to be placed in fixtures that are enclosed such as those bubble lights, as the heat cannot escape these types of fixtures and could damage the bulb. Inspect your fixtures and look for any damage to receptacles before swapping bulbs. If the receptacles are damaged in any way, you should have them replaced (no matter what bulb you are using).

Watch The Color

LED bulbs are not all the same. They may have more of a blue hue to them or even a yellow hue depending on the Kalvin temperature. A blue hue may be too much of a change, so stick with a yellow hue rather than blue. Yellow hues are closer to natural lighting, while the bluer hue may be somewhat harsh. 

Compare Labels

Much like food labels, LED bulbs have labels as well that you can use to compare to other bulbs. Watch the Kalvins or the light appearance (warmer or cooler), and also pay attention to the Lumens, which will tell you how bright the bulb will be. If you use something that is too bright, it could feel like a spotlight. Compare the bulbs before purchasing. If you don't like what you purchased, check with the retailer about their return policy.

LED lighting is definitely a trendy and energy efficient way to light your home or even your vehicle. Buy what is needed, avoid harsh lighting, play with some of the different hues and colors, and make comparisons when shopping for LED lighting. For more information, contact companies like Trade Source Inc.


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