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Making Your Home Special

Installing an RF Amplifier for Better Sound? Information About Circulators and Isolators

by Gaspard Gaillard

If you are installing a radio frequency (RF) amplifier to gain better sound from your speakers, you should learn a little about circulators and isolators. Circulators and isolators are passive devices that aid in controlling the transmission of energy, which in turn affects the sound. Because these two devices play a large role in how the RF amplifier provides sound to your speaker system, it can help to know a little about each of them. Below is more information about this to help you get started.


Circulators are devices that control the direction of the sound in a circuit. They are used in place of more expensive setups, such as using cavity duplexers, along with a base station or mesh networks. The circulators also provide the same level of sound as the more expensive options.

The circulator has three ports. As the signal travels it hits port one, travels to port two, and then ends at port three of the circulator.

Port one is the transmitter, port two is the antenna, and port three is the receiver. This allows for a simultaneous reception and transmission of radio signals. This also prevents the transmitter from reflecting if the wrong type of antenna is used. In more expensive circulator systems, a limiter is also used between the antenna and receiver. This device helps prevent receiver burnout which will make your speaker system last longer.

Circulators can also be used with reflection amplifiers. With this, three ports are connected in a series with dummy loads, also known as terminations.


Isolators have only one port and their main job is to protect the high power RF sources. If the isolator stops working, the entire power source would go down, which means you would have no sound coming out of the speaker system.

When the sound is coming out of the speakers, there is a large load. The power that reflects from the load goes back to the starting point. The isolator is what absorbs much of this energy. The isolator device is installed between the antenna and transmitter and is used on the output signals.

The isolator is an important part of your speaker system as this device protects all RF components and equipment that are connected to the circulator. There are also connector or coaxial isolators. These are used to test RF equipment.

Talk with the company you purchase your RF equipment from, and they can give you much more information about circulators and isolators.


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