Making Your Home Special

Making Your Home Special

Important Systems That CAN Controllers Aid In Vehicles

by Gaspard Gaillard

Many vehicles are made with technologically advanced systems, which can improve convenience and overall safety. That's all possible thanks to CAN controllers, which can help with the following applications in vehicles today.

Parking Assist

A lot of great advancements have happened for vehicles geared towards parking. That's important because there are a lot of parking situations that would otherwise be difficult to deal with. Thanks to CAN controllers, your vehicle will receive the right signals to activate parking assist features.

For example, whenever you put a vehicle in reverse, CAN controllers can activate things like backup cameras and audible alarms when there are objects in the back. These signals and alerts ultimately will help you back out a lot safer compared to just using your best judgment, which may not always be that great when you become distracted. 

Lane Assist

When you're on any road, you want to stay within your lane. If you start moving into another lane on accident, that's something you need to know right away so that you can make the right adjustment before hitting someone else or a structure. CAN controllers make this a possibility.

They can scan the environment and detect when you go off course. So if lane drifting ever does happen for whatever reason, your CAN controller is going to activate the appropriate sensors so that you will be able to hear and visually see before you end up severely hurt.

Auto Start-Stop Technology

Some vehicles come with auto start-stop technology. It helps vehicles only run when they're moving, which can help conserve gas. These systems are able to work as well as they do thanks to CAN controllers. They send information when the vehicle is stopped, thus enabling the engine to shut off.

When you step off the brakes, the CAN controller will recognize this and then start the engine before you drive off. It's an important system for a lot of newer vehicles that try to limit the amount of gas motorists use while driving around town. 

Vehicles have only gotten easier to drive over the years. Now most of them come with some pretty advanced systems, which can be attributed to CAN controllers. When it comes to smart systems related to safety or convenience, they're the go-to solution. They can vary in design too depending on what applications you have in mind for a particular type of vehicle. To learn more about CAN controllers, contact a supplier.


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